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James Wise is a native of Wytheville, Virginia and now resides in Roanoke, Virginia. The James Wise show was established in Roanoke in 1980. Mr. Wise decided to go solo after having a very successful 9-year duo act called “James Wise & Company” that performed in the Roanoke area, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and in a hotel circuit in northern Pennsylvania.

For availability call: (540)
776-8765 or E-mail:


Mr. Wise brings excellent entertainment and fun to all, wherever he performs. His selections of songs and "in your face" personality has brought him wide acclaim in the venues where he has performed. His musical styling is widely diversified and appeals to all ages.

Repertoire: music for all occasions.

  • R&B.
  • Motown.
  • Disco.
  • Gospel
  • Country & Western.
  • Rock.
  • Big Band.
  • Beach music for Shaggers.

Mr. Wise’s past performances include:

  • The VMI KeyDet club dinner dance held in Charlotte, NC and in Williamsburg, VA.
  • The Virginia Community College Association Conference held at the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, VA.
  • Frances Khan’s (clothing store) Christmas party for four straight years and will play it again in 2006.
  • The Greenbrier and Homestead hotels.
  • Numerous wedding receptions, corporate events, and private parties.
  • A gospel CD, co-produced, arranged, and recorded in 2000. Take a look at my CD. You're gonna love it!

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I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also thank all of those who booked me to play private parties... The Landing Restaurant, Montano's, The Martinsville Country Club, The Humpers,  The Wisettes/Wise Guys, The Fly Girls/Fly Guys, and to my biggest fan (see the pictures below).


The James Wise Show can be seen and heard at the following locations:


Montano's this Friday, Dec. 22.

The Landing Restaurant, New Years Eve.


All other performances will be announced and posted promptly.


Thank you and Season's Greetings,

James Wise


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For availability call: (540)
776-8765 or E-mail:



From time to time you will see some pictures of me with my fans and friends. All the pictures where you see "The Landing" are pictures of all my fans and friends at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. There is a group of people who live at the lake called the "HUMPERS." I met these "crazy" folks a few years ago while playing at the "Landing." Since that time I've been made an "Honorary Humper." At present these people are not just fans and friends they have become my second family. They are wonderful people and I love them all dearly! So when you see these pictures you will know. Also, there will be pictures of people that support me at Montano's International Restaurant and elsewhere in Roanoke. I have been performing at Montano's for many, many, many years and these people are also considered my second family. I am very fortunate to have obtained such a loyal fan-base between these "crazy" people. The women and men at Montano's are called the "Wisettes" and the "Wise Guys." There is also a group at Montano's that supports me at the "Landing" called the "Fly Girls" and the "Fly Guys." They are also a "crazy" group. There are numerous of other people in and around the surrounding area of Roanoke that I consider family and I want you to know that it is a very good feeling to know that I have their love and support. So I would like to say to the "Humpers," "Wisettes," "Wise Guys," "Fly Girls," "Fly Guys" and all the others...

I love you!! And I thank you!

Larry and Judy Lawrence are "HUMPERS!" I had the honor for playing for their wedding reception when they were married. We became very close in a very short time. They were two of my most treasured fans. They were killed in a boating accident at Smith-Mt. Lake. Their picture will be on my website as long as I have it. See them below.

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A fan brought her father!

Larry and Judy at the Landing.

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